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What sets apart Ellison Law Office from the rest is the empathetic and personal relationship you will have with your attorney from the start. 

At Ellison Law Office you can expect to receive an attorney dedicated to resolving your legal issue.  With a focus on results as well as efficiency, you will get a candid assessment of your legal issue and a plan put in place that will take into account your budget and the goal of quickly resolving your concerns.  Many cases can be taken contingently or on a flat fee basis. 

Contact Ellison Law Office today to discuss whether your issue can be resolved in a manner that coincides with your economic circumstances.

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Employment Law

Generally employers can fire their employees for any reason they choose, but they still must comply with the law when making hiring, termination, promotion, or demotion decisions.  If you feel you have been discriminated against because of your race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or another reason that you feel is illegal (e.g. you are a whistleblower) you may have the law on your side.  Contact Ellison Law Office immediately to determine if you have a case.

Estate Planning

Like most legal issues, it is extremely important that you put together an estate plan to protect your loved ones from an unforeseen incident.  Unfortunately, most people do not think much about estate planning until it is too late.  A typical estate plan consists of a Will and/or Trust, a health care directive (which provides medical providers with your wishes in a situation where you are unable to speak for yourself), and a Power of Attorney (which is a legal document that gives another party power to act on your behalf regarding your finances if you are physically or mentally unable to).  These documents are in place to reduce the emotional and financial burdens that can occur following tragic events.  Contact Ellison Law Office immediately to discuss what type of estate plan will best fit your needs. 

Criminal Law

While everyone does their best to stay out of criminal justice system there is a good chance that, despite your best efforts, your clean record will be put in jeopardy at one point or another.  Even if you have a past criminal history, you still deserve strong legal representation to assure that your rights are not being violated.  The justice system has a bad track record of overwhelming unrepresented and misinformed individuals; don't become the next victim.  Whether you received a speeding ticket, have been arrested for DUI or drug charge, or any number of other charges Ellison Law Office can help you fight your charge.  Contact Ellison Law Office immediately to discuss your rights.  

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